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More Cool Freebies for Photographers



WOW! My first post on freebies for photographers was so popular and well received that I have decided to waste some more time searching so that I can share the results with the rest of you! So, here are even MORE cool freebies for photographers! 


Not everyone can afford the extortionate cost one must pay to own a high level photo editor, but, there are some pretty cool options out there that do amazing things for a photograph, and many offer features that a high priced package doesn’t. 

My favorite choice for some fantastic features is iPiccy, where I quite often utilize the Advanced HDR feature, as well as the Orton. Just a note to remember with this particular program… after using any of the artistic features make sure to go into the standard edit features and resize your photo to a larger size. I always enter a size of at least 2500. Unfortunately the artistic features at iPiccy tend to downsize your photos, hence the need to resize them. To try iPiccy click the link… 

Be Funky is another cool program that allows you to add vintage colors, create pop art, and many other fun features… 

Other recommended online editors: 



For those who would like to have a stand-alone image editor / manipulator without paying hundreds of $$$, try Gimp, which has high ratings and is considered a good alternative to Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro and Adobe. Gimp also offers lots of free add-ons and plugins to really help your unleash your creativity. Just go here to download this completely FREE program… 

Another top choice is Virtual Studio by Optikverve Labs, which I also use for certain projects. If you do not require Virtual Studio, but would like to have use of an excellent effects editor, Optikverve also offers Virtual Photographer, one of my personal favorites for working in both color and black & white. This program can be used as a plugin with Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro, and other editors, or just download Virtual Studio and Virtual Photographer and run them together in their own stand-alone program… 

For those who enjoy working with and creating fractals try Incendia, a 3D Multiprocessor Fractal Engine – 

Perfect 365 gives your facial portraits a makeover: 


How about some free filters / plugins for your photo editor? There are many out there who claim to offer “free” filters and plugins, and once you’ve downloaded and installed you are hit with the nasty surprise that the “free” package is actually limited, has a watermark, or some other feature which makes it completely unusable to you unless you pay for it. Here are a few which actually are FREE! 

Harry’s Filters: 

3D Shadow: 

Filter Foundry allows you to create your own filters: 

Border Mania: 

Craquelure 3D: 

Well, that’s it for now folks. Certainly this is enough to keep you all busy and out of trouble for a while 😉 



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